Proposition of a new geometry of the electrodes in a particular discharge

  • A. BouchikhiEmail author
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In this paper, a new geometry of the electrodes has been proposed in a particular discharge. The discharge is sustained by a uniform source, and the argon is chosen as a test gas in our reactor. The effect of this geometry is very perceptible on the plasma region, which let this latter displace toward the electrodes. The model is based on the two moments of Boltzmann’s equation. The over-relaxation method combined to the Thomas algorithm is used to solve the transport particle equation, and the fast Fourier transform (FFT) is used to solve Poisson’s equation. Finally, the results are validated with exciting results in the literature.


Boltzmann’s equation Poisson’s equation FFT Two-dimensional geometry 


52.80.−s 52.80.Dy 52.80.Hc 52.65.-y 



Funding was provided by University of Saida Algeria.


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