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, Volume 92, Issue 10, pp 1307–1318 | Cite as

A description on plasma background effect in growth rate of THz waves in a metallic cylindrical waveguide, including a dielectric tube and two current sources

  • Z. Hajijamali-Arani
  • B. Jazi
Original Paper


The propagation of slow waves in a dielectric tube surrounded by a long cylindrical metallic waveguide is investigated. The dielectric tube located in a background region of plasma under two different states A and B. In the A-state the dielectric tube hollow filled with the plasma and in the B-state the outer surface of dielectric tube has been covered by the plasma layer. There are two relativistic electron beams with opposite velocities injected in the waveguide as the energy sources. Using the fluid theory for the plasmas, the Cherenkov instability in the mentioned waveguide will be analyzed. The dispersion relations of E-mode waves for the states AB have been obtained. The time growth rate of surface waves are compared with each other for two cases A and B. The effect of plasma region on time growth rate of the waves, will be investigated. In all cases it will be shown, while an electron beam is responsible for instability, another electron beam plays a stabilizing role.


Plasma background Electron beams Cherenkov instability Growth rate 


52.40.Fd 52.40.Mj 


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© Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science 2018

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Laser and Photonics, Faculty of PhysicsUniversity of KashanKashanIslamic Republic of Iran

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