The evolution of multidimensional shock structures in magnetized dusty plasmas with arbitrary dust size distribution

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A theoretical investigation on the evolution of multidimensional nonlinear shock structures has been carried out in magnetized dusty plasmas with nonadiabatic charge fluctuation and arbitrary dust size distribution in present work. A Korteweg–de Vries (KdV) Burgers equation for the multidimensional shock structures is obtained by Reductive Perturbation Method, and the effects of arbitrary dust size distribution, nonadiabatic charge fluctuation and external magnetic field on the multidimensional shock structures’ evolution are illustrated. The results show that there are two types of shock structures, namely, oscillatory shock structures and monotone shock structures. Furthermore, the boundary condition between oscillatory shock structures and monotone shock structures is discussed in great detail.


Nonlinear multidimensional shock structures Magnetized dusty plasmas Charge fluctuation Dust size distribution 





This project is supported by the National Natural Foundation of China under Grant No. 10975114 and Research Projects of Higher Education of Gansu Province under Grant No. 2017A-016.


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