Physics behind the Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the inflationary expansion of the universe


In recent papers, we advanced a set of axioms for Space and using these axioms, the nature of Dark Energy was discussed. In this paper, we show that the inflationary nature of expansion of the universe emerges from our axioms. We further throw light on the question of whether it is necessary to introduce the concept of Dark Matter to explain certain anomalies regarding the motion of certain galaxies.

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The authors place their deepest reverence to Shri. Vethathiri Maharishi for having taught us his philosophy of Space in all details and in all depth. They remain highly grateful to Mrs. and Mr. Raj Taneja of Chicago, Mrs. and Mr. Vijay Arora, of New Jersey, Mrs. and Dr. Panneer Selvam of Florida International University, Miami, Mrs. A. Thayar of Pollachi, Mrs. and Mr. Vikram Kannan of New Jersey, Mrs. and Mr. Babu Prasath of Pollachi, Mrs. M. Vimala, Miss. M. Devatharshini, Mr. M. Srivatssan, and Mr. M. Aswin of Kumbakonam for their constant interest in this work.

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Alagar Ramanujam, G., Fitzcharles, K. & Muralidharan, S. Physics behind the Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the inflationary expansion of the universe. Indian J Phys 93, 959–963 (2019).

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  • Dark Energy
  • Dark Matter
  • Cosmology
  • Inflationary expansion
  • Acceleration


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