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An efficient numerical method for solving nonlinear foam drainage equation


In this paper, the nonlinear foam drainage equation, which is a famous nonlinear partial differential equation, is solved by using a hybrid numerical method based on the quasilinearization method and the bivariate generalized fractional order of the Chebyshev functions (B-GFCF) collocation method. First, using the quasilinearization method, the equation is converted into a sequence of linear partial differential equations (LPD), and then these LPDs are solved using the B-GFCF collocation method. A very good approximation of solutions is obtained, and comparisons show that the obtained results are more accurate than the results of other researchers.

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Unknown function

\(\bar{u}(x,t)\) :

The approximate solution

\(\psi (x,t)\) :

Plateau border

\(_\eta FT_n^\alpha \) :

Basis functions

m :

The number of basis functions

\(E_A\) :

The maximum of the absolute error

t :

Time position coordinate

x :

Scaled coordinate

\(\eta \) :

Length of the domain of function

\(\alpha \) :

The order of basis functions

\(\mathbf{K }\) :

Unknown coefficients matrix

\(\varPhi (t)\) :

The vector of basis functions


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