Indian Journal of Physics

, Volume 91, Issue 8, pp 895–902

Effect of a strain on the magnetotransport properties of Bi wires

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Measurements of the longitudinal resistance and Seebeck coefficient of Bi wires in a high magnetic field have revealed some anomalies in a magnetic field far above the quantum limit of the electrons; the most prominent feature is a sharp peak of magnetoresistance at 33 T. The observed correlation between a simultaneous shift of the position of the anomaly and the quantum limit of light electrons in a magnetic field during modification of the electronic structure under strain suggests that the unidentified peak can be attributed to the complex structure of the lowest Landau level of light electrons occurring in high magnetic fields.


Bismuth Uniaxial strain Seebeck effect Magnetoresistance High magnetic field 


71.70.Di 71.18.+y 72.15.Gd 73.43.-f 

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  1. 1.International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low TemperaturesWrocławPoland
  2. 2.Institute of Electronic Engineering and NanotechnologiesAcademy of Science of MoldovaChişinăuRepublic of Moldova
  3. 3.MagNetWrocławPoland

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