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Band structure of one-dimensional plasma photonic crystals using the Fresnel coefficients method

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The current study has examined the band structures of two types of photonic crystals (PCs). The first is a one-dimensional metamaterial photonic crystal (1DMMPC) composed of double-layered units for which both layers of each unit are dielectric. The second type is a very similar one-dimensional plasma photonic crystal (1DPPC) also composed of double-layered units in which the first layer is a dielectric material but the second is a plasma layer. This study compares the band structures of the 1DMMPC with specific optical characteristics of the 1DPPC using the Fresnel coefficients method and also compares the results of this method with the results of the transfer matrix method. It is concluded that the dependency of the electric permittivity of the plasma layer on the incident field frequency causes differences in the band structures in 1DMMPC and 1DPPC for both TE and TM polarizations and their gaps reside in different frequencies. The band structures of the 1DMMPC and 1DPPC are confirmed by the results of the transfer matrix method.


Band structure Plasma photonic crystal Fresnel coefficient Plasma layer Metamaterial photonic crystal 100% reflection 


42.70.Qs 78.20.Ci 41.20.Jb 78.67.Pt 



This study was supported by Urmia University in Urmia, Iran (Grant No. 10.195).


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