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Centrality dependence of pseudorapidity spectra of charged particles produced in the nucleus–nucleus collisions at high energies


We have analyzed the pseudorapidity spectra of charged relativistic particles with β > 0.7 produced in Pb + Em (at energy 158 A GeV) reactions as a function of centrality. The relativistic nucleus beams were obtained from SPS machine. The number of g-particles (particles with 0.23 ≤ β ≤ 0.7) has been used to fix the centrality. We have applied the maximum entropy method to analyses the spectra and found some selected pseudorapidity values—nontrivial structure.

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Financial support from the Riphah Academy of Research and Education (RARE) Riphah International University Islamabad is cordially acknowledged.

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Wazir, Z., Suleymanov, M.K., Belashev, B.Z. et al. Centrality dependence of pseudorapidity spectra of charged particles produced in the nucleus–nucleus collisions at high energies. Indian J Phys 88, 723–726 (2014).

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  • Pseudorapidity
  • Relativistic particles
  • Centrality
  • g-Particles


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