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Analytical study on the existence of ion-acoustic solitary waves in a plasma consisting of warm streaming ions and nonthermal electrons


Theoretical investigations have been made for the formation of ion-acoustic solitary wave structure in a plasma consisting of warm streaming positive ions and nonthermal electrons. Analytical solutions have been obtained with some sufficient and necessary conditions for the existence of ion-acoustic solitary waves. Some critical values of the ion temperature and the nonthermal parameter of electrons have been obtained and presented graphically. It is shown that drift of the ions and the nonthermal electrons have significant effects on the formation of ion-acoustic solitary waves. In presence of the streaming motion of the ions, two distinct modes (fast and slow) of propagation have been obtained. Limiting values of the soliton speed for these modes have been calculated. It is found that the drift motion and ion temperature change significantly the conditions for the existence and properties of ion-acoustic solitons.

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One of the authors (B. Ghosh) would like to thank the authorities of Jadavpur University for providing financial support for the work in the form of Minor Research Grant.

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Paul, I., Pakira, G., Chattopadhyay, S.K. et al. Analytical study on the existence of ion-acoustic solitary waves in a plasma consisting of warm streaming ions and nonthermal electrons. Indian J Phys 86, 395–400 (2012).

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  • Ion-acoustic soliton
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