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Measurement and Compensation of Voltage Sag Employing open-loop Single-Phase Dynamic Voltage Restorer

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MAPAN Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Voltage sags due to their frequent occurrence and the losses they can cause in the electrical grid are some of the huge issues with the quality of power. A few milliseconds to a few cycles, the rms supply voltage decreased from 0.9 to 0.5 pu by a nominal 1-pu, which is defined as a short-duration voltage. The most significant concern in the power system is voltage sag, which has been mitigated by FACTS devices such as the static VAR compensator, the static compensator and the dynamic voltage restorer (DVR). Normally, the DVR is installed between the source voltage and the sensitive load. The new configuration of a DVR has been proposed using the open-loop and close-loop controller techniques. This article is a one-phase DVR for the relief of voltage sag using compensation techniques such as in-phase compensation and phase-advanced compensation proposed in the distribution network. The DVR has been designed to mitigate sag in both the open-loop control mode and the closed-loop control mode. The proposed DVR is also strong enough to maintain total harmonic load voltage distortions within the permissible voltage of the PSCAD simulation software. This article shows the development of hardware to mitigate voltage sag using a single-phase DVR.

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Dynamic voltage restorer

V L :

Load voltage in volts

V S, V Source :

Supply/source voltage in volts

V inj, V dvr :

Injected voltage by DVR in volts

I L :

Load current in ampere

I dvr :

Current injected by the DVR in ampere

P L, P out :

Load active power in Watts

Q L, Q out :

Load reactive power in Var

P dvr :

Real power fed by the DVR

S dvr :

Apparent power supplied by DVR

δ j :

The phase angle of supply voltage for jth phase

α :

Phase-advanced angle of the supply voltage

L f, and C f :

Filter inductance and capacitance

r f :

Filter resistance

K c :

Current error gain

K v :

Voltage error gain

K i :

Inverter gain

L l :

Load inductance

r l :

Load resistance

V sag :

Sag voltage in volts


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