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Incidence of Onchocerca gibsoni in subcutaneous nodules of cross bred Jersey cows: case report

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Onchocerca gibsoni subcutaneous nodules in four cross bred Jersey cows aged 5–6 years brought for post mortem with calcified and caseated skin nodules in the lateral flank region is reported. Examination and dissection of these nodules revealed that they were “worm nests” of Onchocerca sp. of filarid nematodes. The worm nests were carefully dissected and filarid worms were extracted out. Multiple numbers of worms were recovered from each nodule ranging from 15 to 20. Female worms were found inside the worm nests and were found to be filled with microfilariae. The nodules weighed 2–3 g. Based on the morphological features the worms were identified as O. gibsoni.

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Correspondence to S. T. Bino Sundar.

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Bino Sundar, S.T., Dhivya, B., Jyothimol, G. et al. Incidence of Onchocerca gibsoni in subcutaneous nodules of cross bred Jersey cows: case report. J Parasit Dis 41, 473–475 (2017).

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  • Onchocerca gibsoni
  • Skin nodules
  • Worm nest
  • Cross bred cows