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Incidence of Haemoproteus columbae in pigeons of Jammu district

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Haemoproteus columbae is the major protozoan infection reported in pigeon and appeared in the erythrocyte of the peripheral circulation. Incidence and parasitaemia of H. columbae in pigeon was studied in different localities of Jammu, India for a period from April to September 2010 using thin blood smear examination. Of the 150 pigeons (wild: 70, domestic: 80), 92 (61.33 %) were found to be infected with H. columbae. Domestic pigeon showed higher incidence rate (74.28 %) than the wild (50 %). Mature and immature gametocyte encircled the erythrocyte nucleus to form a halter shaped appearance were characteristic feature of the parasite. Pseudolynchia canariensis, the vector for H. columbae was also recovered from beneath the feathers of pigeons. No other haemoprotozoan parasite was observed in the blood smear of examined pigeon. Counting of infected erythrocyte revealed higher affection of 1–2 erythrocytes indicative of milder infection in the birds. A long term study within bird population is essential in order to disclose seasonal variation in parasite, vector density and age of infection such as nesting area.

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The authors are highly thankful to Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, SKUAST-Jammu for providing necessary facilities for carrying out the study.

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Borkataki, S., Katoch, R., Goswami, P. et al. Incidence of Haemoproteus columbae in pigeons of Jammu district. J Parasit Dis 39, 426–428 (2015).

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