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Dicrocoeliosis in goats in Jammu, India


The prevalence of dicrocoeliosis was estimated by the examination of liver of slaughtered goats (n = 228) brought from two major goat rearing regions (Kandi and R.S. Pura) of Jammu province of India. Dicrocoelium dendriticum was found in 18.9 % of the goats, with mean fluke count (±SEM) of 24.9 ± 4.4 (ranged from 0 to 478). A significant seasonal variation (p < 0.01) was recorded with maximum prevalence in winter (28.9 %), followed by post-rainy (22.2 %) and minimum in rainy season (9.4 %). The highest fluke count was observed in January (47.8 ± 24.6) while none of the examined animals was found positive in May and June. The origin of the goats had a significant association (p < 0.0001) with prevalence rates and the goats from Kandi region (27.3 %) showed higher prevalence rates as compare to R.S. Pura (8.0 %). However, the age and sex had no significant effect on the prevalence of dicrocoeliosis in goats. The histopathological examination of infected livers revealed excessive thickening and proliferation of bile duct glandular epithelium with inflammatory exudates. Also, intense mononuclear cells infiltration with young fibroblasts was observed in the surroundings of bile ducts in portal areas along with atrophy of hepatocytes.

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