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Design and Application of Double-Gate MOSFET in Two Loops Controlled Multi-Input DC-DC Converter


This paper aims to design and analyze the performance of double gate silicon based MOSFET and then it is utilized to implement multi-input dc–dc converter for dc grid application. Double gate MOSFET is preferred here because of its high drive current ability. A digital controller suitable for a two-input boost-SEPIC dc-dc converter is outlined using the designed MOSFET. The modelling of the converter has been done using state-space analysis followed by the designing of converter energy storage elements and voltage gain expression of the converter system. The Interaction analysis is performed to find the best pairing of the controlled variables using Relative Gain Array, Scaled Gain Matrix, and RGA Number. A decentralized controller is designed using interaction analysis. The robustness of the controllers is verified with parametric uncertainties. The response of the system with decentralized controllers against source voltage and load variations is observed. An experimental prototype of 150 watt with two input source of magnitude 24 V and 36 V is made with designed parameters to test in the laboratory. Finally, the effectiveness of the controller is verified for source and load regulation. The simulation and experimental results are in close agreement, which ensures the robustness of the controller.

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