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Analysis of Silica Based Single-Mode Fiber Doped with Germanium at Different Transmission Window


In this paper, a germanium doped silica-based single-mode fiber for high speed optical communication link has been proposed. It is found that the proposed fiber is suitable for three transmission widows an excellent result at the third transmission window. Here, attenuation loss, dispersion, mode field diameter, bending loss, and material loss of the proposed fiber has been analyzed. It is found that dispersion such as material dispersion and waveguide dispersion is very low at the third transmission window (1550 nm), which is used for high speed optical fiber communication link. In addition to this, at the third transmission window, micro bending loss is almost disappeared and macro bending loss is also very low (0.00101 dB/km). All these analysis has been done using FDTD technique.

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One of the author, Sanjeev Sharma is highly thankful to Prof. R. K. Agarwal, Director, GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida (UP) for their valuable cooperation. Second author, Arun Kumar is highly thankful to Jubail University College, Jubail, for providing the necessary facilities for this work.

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