Gamma Rays Attenuation Properties and the Associated Optical and Mechanical Behavior of Development (70-x) B2O3-10Al2O3-10Na2O-10ZnO-x PbO Glasses


Modified glassy barriers of the composition (70-x) B2O3-10Al2O3-10Na2O-10ZnO-xPbO have been studied to be used as gamma rays shielding materials. The studied samples were prepared using the melt-quenching technique. The amorphous phase of the prepared samples has been checked. The structural properties of the present glasses were investigated using density and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). The hardness of the prepared glasses was studied. The optical transmittance of the prepared glasses was measured using the optical spectra measurements in the range of 190–2000 nm. The prepared samples were exposed to a collimated beam of gamma rays emitted from 232Th and 137Cs radioactive sources. Furthermore, the shielding properties (linear, mass attenuation coefficients and half value layer) have been experimentally evaluated. A reduction in the HVL approaching more than 50% has been obtained for PbO 40 mol % of the glass matrix. This result proves that the studied glass has to great extent superior gamma rays shielding behavior. Additionally, the transparency of the glass samples with the hardness values is observed to increase with the increase of the lead content.

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  • Radiation shielding materials
  • Optical transmittance
  • Lead borate glass
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