WhatsApp-based teaching module for acute pain management: a prospective educational project

  • Sumitra Ganesh BakshiEmail author
  • Jeson Rajan Doctor
  • Bhakti Trivedi
  • Aparna Sanjay Chatterjee
  • Raghu S. Thota
  • Parmanand N. Jain

To the Editor,

Our initial experience with impromptu “faculty to trainee” discussion of acute pain management using WhatsApp (WhatsApp Inc, Menlo Park, CA, USA) improved students’ knowledge and documentation of clinical notes.1 The purpose of this pre- and post-intervention study was to evaluate the benefit of an add-on virtual classroom teaching using a WhatsApp-based discussion.2

Following approval of Tata Memorial Centre’s Institutional Ethics Committee (November 27, 2015), the trial was registered with Clinical Trials Registry India (CTRI/2016/05/006902). All the students in the 2016 class (Group WA, n= 19) and six consultants with special interest in pain management were invited to be part of a dedicated WhatsApp group. The topics to be discussed among the group were drafted (eAppendix 1, available as Electronic Supplementary Material [ESM]). Each topic was introduced by the consultant in charge of that module and questions were distributed to the WhatsApp group. All the...


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  1. 1.Department of Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain, Tata Memorial HospitalHomi Bhabha National InstituteMumbaiIndia

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