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Table 1 Anesthesia providers

From: World Health Organization-World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WHO-WFSA) International Standards for a Safe Practice of AnesthesiaNormes internationales pour une pratique sécuritaire de l’anesthésie de l’Organisation mondiale de la santé et de la Fédération mondiale des sociétés d’anesthésiologie (OMS-FMSA)

Provider/term Description
Anesthesia provider Any healthcare worker who provides anesthesia care, irrespective of professional background or moderate or deep training
Anesthesia Refers to the administration of general or regional anesthesia or moderate or deep sedation independent of who provides the care
Anesthesiologist A graduate of a medical school who has completed a nationally recognized specialist anesthesia training program
Nurse anesthetist A graduate of a nursing school who has completed a nationally recognized nurse anesthetist training program
Non-specialist physician anesthetist A graduate of a medical school who has not completed a specialist training program in anesthesia but has undergone some anesthesia training
Non-anesthesiologist providers Includes non-specialist physician anesthetists, nurse anesthetists, and other providers
Other anesthesia providers In many countries, anesthesia is provided by other health workers (e.g., anesthetic officers, technicians, or assistants) who have completed training recognized in their own countries