Basics of Anesthesia, Seventh Edition

Manuel C. Pardo Jr, Ronald D. Miller. Elsevier, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2018; price: $125 (hardcover); number of pages: 936. ISBN: 978-0-323-40115-9
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Whether one is seeking an introductory textbook, a quick review, or a teaching resource, the Basics of Anesthesia by Pardo and Miller provides a concise, practical overview of anesthesiology. Now in its seventh edition, this classic textbook has been updated and includes an expanded list of American and international contributors who review key topics relevant to contemporary practice.

Totalling 51 chapters, this edition retains its previous structure of six sections. A shortened introductory section includes valuable discussion concerning the changing scope of anesthesia practice, teaching and learning anesthesia, and electronic information systems. This section is followed by others that cover “Pharmacology and physiology,” “Preoperative preparation and intraoperative management,” “Special anesthetic considerations,” “The recovery period”, and “Consultant anesthetic practice.” This layout is similar to that of other textbooks of this type.

Major updates for the seventh edition...


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