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First report of the palm borer Paysandisia archon (Burmeister 1880) (Lepidoptera: Castniidae) in Cyprus

  • Vassilis A. VassiliouEmail author
  • Costas MichaelEmail author
  • Evanthis Kazantzis
  • Anthemis Melifronidou-Pantelidou


In October 2008 an insect palm borer was found for the first time on the island of Cyprus, in the Paphos district, on palms of Chamaerops humilis and Washingtonia filifera. By December 2008 the species was found on isolated palm plants of Phoenix roebelenii. The species was identified as the palm borer Paysandisia archon (Burmeister 1880) at the Agricultural Research Institute, Nicosia. Infested palm trunks and leaves were bored by the Paysandisia larvae. Bored trunk and crown were covered with plugs of debris.


Castniidae Chamaerops humilis Moth Palms Phoenix roebelenii Washingtonia filifera 


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  1. 1.Plant Protection SectionAgricultural Research InstituteNicosiaCyprus
  2. 2.Plant Protection SectionDepartment of AgriculturePaphosCyprus
  3. 3.Department of AgriculturePlant Health and Quality Control ServiceNicosiaCyprus

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