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Fabrication and magnetic properties of NiFe–ZnO nano-granular films


Excellent soft magnetic and high frequency properties were obtained successfully in the (Ni75Fe25) x (ZnO)1−x granular films fabricated on the glass substrate by RF magnetron oblique sputtering. The microstructure, magnetic and high frequency properties were investigated systematically. High resolution transmission electron micrographs show that the film consists of fcc Ni75Fe25 particles uniformly embedded in an amorphous insulating matrix ZnO with particle size a few nanometers. The (Ni75Fe25) x (ZnO)1−x films exhibit excellent soft magnetic properties in a wide x range from 0.50 to 0.80 with coercivity not exceeding 5 × 10−4 T, which is ascribed to the exchange coupling between magnetic particles. Especially for the sample with x = 0.64, coercivities in hard and easy axes are 5.0 × 10−5 and 3.6 × 10−4 T, respectively, and the electric resistivity ρ reaches 1,790 μΩ·cm. The dependence of complex permeability u = u′ − ju″ on frequency f shows that the real part u′ is more than 130 below 500 MHz, and the ferromagnetic resonance frequency f r reaches 1.32 GHz, implying the promising for high frequency application.

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This study was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 50901050 and 60876035), and the Science and Technology Plan Projects of Jiangxi Provincial Education Department (No. GJJ11239).

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