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Multi-objective semi-infinite variational problem and generalized invexity

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OPSEARCH Aims and scope Submit manuscript


In this paper, multiobjective semi-infinite variational problem (MSVP) has been considered. Relationship between efficiency, vector Kuhn Tucker point and vector Fritz John point for the stated problem have been established and authenticated by means of examples. Two duals namely Wolfe and Mond–Weir are purposed for (MSVP) and duality results are established under generalized invexity assumptions. Efficient solution of (MSVP) has been characterized by vector saddle point of a vector valued Lagrangian function of (MSVP). An equivalent (MSVP) is also constructed by a suitable modification of the objective function.

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The authors are thankful to anonymous referees for their valuable suggestions. The second author was supported by Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research, Junior Research Fellowship, India (Grant No. 09/045(1350)/2014-EMR-1). The third author was supported by University Grant Commission Non-NET research fellowship, India (Grant No. Non-NET/139/Ext-136/2014).

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