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Design and numerical analysis of a dispersion-flattened fabrication-friendly PCF-based THz waveguide


This paper presents the modeling and numeric analysis of a PCF model. This model is designed for the application in THz transmission. The model includes only rectangles in its structure where 24 thin rectangles form the porous core at the center of the PCF. Using the finite element method, multiple performance metrics have been investigated for this THz waveguide. Simulation of the model has been carried out in one THz bandwidth starting from 0.5 THz. The core of the proposed PCF-based waveguide carries a high power fraction of about 67.83% at 1.3 THz. This model has a high effective area of about 3.92 × 106 µm2 at the same point of interest. Besides, this model has a high numerical aperture of 0.204, a very low EML of 0.0022 cm−1, and low dispersion of ± 0.0466 ps/THz/cm at 1.3 THz. In addition, existing fabrication methods can be exercised to implement this waveguide.

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Availability of data and material

Data corresponding to this study are described in this manuscript.


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The authors show thankfulness to the ECE Discipline of Khulna University, Bangladesh.


This study was funded by the UGC, Bangladesh (Research Code: 3631108) under BSMRSTU, Bangladesh.

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