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Slope matched highly birefringent hybrid dispersion compensating fiber over telecommunication bands with low confinement loss


This article reveals a best possible design for hybrid dispersion compensating fiber with high birefringence established on modified broadband compensating structure through S, C and L telecommunication bands. The simulation outcome exhibits relatively higher birefringence of 3.76 × 10−2 at wavelength of 1550 nm. The suggested fiber also has dispersion compensation characteristics in an inclusive series of wavelengths which covers 1400–1625 nm. The reported design can achieve dispersion quantity of − 606 ps/(nm·km) at 1550 nm effective wavelength. The reported fiber design matches the relative dispersion slope 0.003694 nm−1 similar to single-mode fiber at 1550 nm operating wavelength. This fiber demonstrates negatively flattened effective dispersion of − 2.703 ± 0.734 ps/(nm·km) within 180 nm flat band ranging from 1460 to 1640 nm wavelength. It is also convenient to optical high bit rate communication systems. The low confinement loss is found 3.756 × 10−10 dB/m at the operating wavelength. This design also achieves highly nonlinear coefficient of 50.34 W−1 km−1. In some cases, it can also be used in sensing applications.

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