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Preliminary Observations of Gliding Squirrels in and Around Great Himalaya National Park, Kullu Forest Division, Western Himalayas, India


Red giant gliding squirrel (Petaurista petaurista) is the most common species of gliding squirrel found in the Western Himalayan range. So far, no record of any other species exists from in and around Great Himalayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh. During the recent spotlight survey done in the month of October 2018 two individuals of Kashmir gliding squirrel (Eoglaucomys fimbriatus) and eleven individuals of Red giant gliding squirrels (P. petaurista) were observed in and around Great Himalayan National Park. The present study confirms the presence of Kashmir gliding squirrel (E. fimbriatus) in Great Himalayan National Park and its fringe areas.

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We would like to thank Honorable Vice Chancellor and Dean Academic, Amity University, Noida and Director, Amity Institute of Forestry and Wildlife, Amity Univeristy, Noida for providing the opportunity as well as partial funds for the study field tour. We also sincerely, thank the Forest Department of Great Himalaya National Park including the District Forest Officer and staff (Puvender Singh) for necessary permissions and assistance during the study period. We thank Dr. Puneet Pandey for his support during the field tour. At last, we would like to thank our fellow batch mates for the necessary support during the survey.

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  • Kashmir gliding squirrel
  • Selective feeding
  • Red giant gliding squirrel
  • Western himalayas
  • Squirrel diversity