Physical, mechanical and metallurgical characteristics of banded hematite jasper of Ghatkuri (Gua), Jharkhand


Quick depletion rate of high-grade iron ore paved to emphasise on banded hematite jasper and banded hematite quartzite with ~30-40% iron. In the present investigation, efforts have been made to characterize the banded hematite jasper of Ghatkuri area (Gua), west Singhbhum, Jharkhand, India. The banded hematite jasper of the study area have complex physical and mineralogical character. X-ray diffraction analysis indicated that silica and iron are the major phases whereas alumina and goethite are the gangue mineral. Thermo-gravimetric analysis revealed it to be oxy-hydrated with iron in hematite phase. Vickers hardness test and bond work index revealed hard and compact nature of the ore. Grain size analysis shows the maximum concentration of the elements at the size range of -125+106 μm whereas minimum at -212+180 μm.


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