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, Volume 21, Issue 2, pp 444–453 | Cite as

Synthesis of (PVA–PEG–PVP–ZrO2) nanocomposites for energy release and gamma shielding applications

  • Ibrahim R. Agool
  • Kadhim J. Kadhim
  • Ahmed Hashim
Research Article


The new type of polymer blend-nanoparticle nanocomposites of (PVA–PEG–PVP) with zirconium oxide nanoparticles for energy storage and release application and gamma shielding application has been investigated. The D.C electrical properties of (PVA–PEG–PVP–ZrO2) nanocomposites with different concentrations zirconium oxide nanoparticles were measured with different temperature range. The results show the conductivity of (PVA–PEG–PVP–ZrO2) nanocomposites is increased with the increase of zirconium oxide nanoparticles concentration. The activation energy of electrical conductivity of (PVA–PEG–PVP–ZrO2) nanocomposites is decreased with the increase of zirconium oxide nanoparticles weight percentages. The results of applications show that enhancement of efficiency for energy storage and release by using (PVA–PEG–PVP–ZrO2) nanocomposites and the (PVA–PEG–PVP–ZrO2) nanocomposites have higher attenuation coefficients for gamma radiation.


Attenuation Nanocomposites Conductivity Energy storage 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Ibrahim R. Agool
    • 1
  • Kadhim J. Kadhim
    • 1
  • Ahmed Hashim
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Physics, College of ScienceAl- Mustansiriah UniversityBaghdadIraq
  2. 2.Department of Physics, College of Education for Pure SciencesUniversity of BabylonHillahIraq

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