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Heat and momentum transfer of turbulent stripe in transitional-regime plane Couette flow

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Direct numerical simulations using a spectral method of plane Couette flow were performed to clarify the dissimilarity between heat and momentum transport for a turbulent stripe, which is a large-scale intermittent flow structure in a subcritical transitional regime. We compared between the turbulent-stripe regime and a uniform-turbulence regime in terms of variations of turbulent statistics. A dissimilarity between the turbulent heat flux and the Reynolds shear stress was identified in the case of uniform turbulence, while less deviation appeared in the case of the turbulent stripe. The present results imply that more efficient heat transfer relative to the momentum transfer can be expected for the turbulent stripe in comparison to the uniform turbulence.

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This work was partially supported by JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) KAKENHI Grants No. 16H06066.

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Correspondence to Koji Fukudome.

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  • Direct numerical simulation
  • Dissimilarity
  • Subcritical transition
  • Turbulent heat transfer
  • Wall turbulence