Thermal characterization, gasification and kinetic studies of different sized Indian coal and char particles

  • K. Jayaraman
  • I. Gökalp


Four different sizes of Indian high ash coal and char are investigated. A simultaneous thermal analyzer and mass spectrometer is used for the characterization of the coal and char samples and the identification of the volatiles evolved during the heating of the sample upto 1,050 °C under combustion cum gasification related conditions. The TG and DTA results are discussed for the investigations under air, oxygen, steam and blended gas atmospheres. The thermogravimetry—mass spectrum profile of the coal provides information on combustion performance (ignition, peak combustion and burnout temperatures) and on chemical changes to the volatile matter (H2, O, CO and CO2), char and minerals. The size effects of the coal and char during pyrolysis, combustion and gasification are discussed. The appropriate temperature ranges to the high ash coal gasification in the steam and steam blended gases are evaluated. The Arrhenius model is applied to determine the kinetic parameters from TG/DTG curves.


High ash coal Pyrolysis Coal gasification Mass spectrometry 



This research work is a part of OPTIMASH project which is financially supported by EU-FP7, European union under the seventh frame work programme.


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