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Agriculture at the Crossroads: Bridging the Rural Urban Divide

Main findings of the 27th Commonwealth Agriculture Conference held in Singapore on 2–4 November 2016
  • Manda Foo
  • Paul TengEmail author
Conference Report

The 27th Commonwealth Agriculture Conference was held with the goal of enabling agriculturalists and agriculture-related organisations to exchange ideas on the future of global food security and sustainability amidst challenges of climate change, urbanization and a rural-urban divide. It brought together 274 farmers, agriculturalists, agribusiness representatives, policy makers, academics, agricultural show society and civil society representatives from 19 British Commonwealth and 7 ASEAN nations. The conference was held in Asia for the first time in its 57 year history around the Commonwealth and used Singapore’s strategic position as a trade and knowledge hub to exchange and generate discussions and ideas.

The conference theme, “Agriculture at The Crossroad: Bridging the Rural Urban Divide” was chosen because of its broad and deep relevance to the developments of agriculture today. Agriculture has the challenge of feeding a growing population with resources increasingly threatened by...


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The authors served respectively as Secretary and Programme Committee Chair of the Local Organising Committee for the 27th Commonwealth Agriculture Conference. We thank John Bennett, Trustee of the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth for his insightful comments to our draft. Thanks are also due to the speakers and donors who made the conference a reality and an enriching experience.

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