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Hundloe, T., Blagrove, S. and Ditton, H. (eds.): Australia’s role in feeding the world: the future of Australian agriculture

CSIRO publishing, Australia. August 2016. ISBN: 9,781,486,305,896 288 pages
  • William J. DaviesEmail author
Book Review

As a crop scientist, albeit based in the UK, I was intrigued to discover what issues are considered key to a text that examines ‘Australia’s role in feeding the world’ and considers the future of Australian agriculture. I am lucky enough to have researched in Australia for some of my career and having focussed on water and agriculture for a good part of my professional life, the achievements of Australia’s farmers and particularly Australia’s agri-food researchers have, of course, been influential in informing both my teaching and my researches. I have always felt that a country whose agriculture faced significant abiotic challenges needed to support research in the disciplines underpinning land use strategy and agricultural productivity. For Australia, Government research support has resulted in the development of world-leading agri-food research and researchers, and an impressive productivity by the nation’s farmers. This book is quick to champion the production of large quantities...


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