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Calestous Juma: Innovation and its enemies: Why people resist new technologies

Oxford University Press, New-York, USA, 2016, xii + 416 pp., hard cover ISBN 978–0–19-046703-6 (Epub ISBN 978–0–19-046705-0)
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Book Review

It is clear to those of us who are worried about future food security that the ability to overcome Malthus’s dire predictions concerning human population growth has been and will continue to be the result of major innovative quantum leaps in agricultural productivity. Such leaps in the future will require all the ingenuity that humans can muster, using all the novel tools available. Despite this, major efforts continue to be exerted by disparate individuals, groups and politicians to prevent the adoption of transgenic technologies, the only methods currently available that, in my view, will make it possible to breach the constraints of each crop’s genetic glass ceiling imposed on conventional breeding. The unwillingness of certain groups to accept this more than three decade-old tool is despite the fact that the technology has a greater record of safety and is subject to more stringent regulatory oversight than all previous methods of increasing food productivity and decreasing...

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