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Meera Subramanian: A river runs again - India’s natural world in crisis, from the barren cliffs of Rajasthan to the farmlands of Karnataka

Public Affairs, Perseus Books Group, New York, 2015, 335 pp
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A continuing issue in international public policy is how to deal with interventions that cut across sectoral and disciplinary boundaries. In recent years this has perhaps been most difficult in the case of how to achieve sustainable economic development in poor countries, which itself has many dimensions, most relating in some way or another to the promotion of food security. To begin with there is the purely economic question of how to ensure balanced economic growth which allows for poverty reduction in an era when most measures of inequality seem to indicate growing disparities between the “haves” and the “have nots”. Those on the right of political debate favour market-based policies arguing that these will eventually pull up disadvantaged classes. Those on the left favour (state led) measures designed to ameliorate resultant inequalities. Linked to this are geographical impacts (that show some regions faring worse than others), growing globalisation of trade and capital flows...

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