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Ka-band to L-band frequency down-conversion based on III–V-on-silicon photonic integrated circuits


In this work, we present the design, simulation and characterization of a frequency down-converter based on III–V-on-silicon photonic integrated circuit technology. We first demonstrate the concept using commercial discrete components, after which we demonstrate frequency conversion using an integrated mode-locked laser and integrated modulator. In our experiments, five channels in the Ka-band (27.5–30 GHz) with 500 MHz bandwidth are down-converted to the L-band (1.5 GHz). The breadboard demonstration shows a conversion efficiency of − 20 dB and a flat response over the 500 MHz bandwidth. The simulation of a fully integrated circuit indicates that a positive conversion gain can be obtained on a millimeter-sized photonic integrated circuit.

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This work was supported by the ESA ARTES 5.1 ‘Electro-photonic frequency converter’ project.

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