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Reproductive characteristics of Gymnocypris firmispinatus in the Anning River, China

  • Baoshan Ma
  • Kaijin WeiEmail author
  • Bin Xu
  • Jin Xu
  • Xiangyun Zhu
  • Yuanyuan Nie
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The reproductive characteristics of Gymnocypris firmispinatus were determined from 582 individuals collected in the Anning River, China. The sex ratio (male: female) was 1:1 for the overall population but 3.1:1 for the mature group. Females reached a larger total length and total weight (242 mm and 148.17 g) than males (163 mm and 41.58 g). Lengths and ages at maturity were estimated to be 83.4 mm and 2.4 years for males, 130.7 mm and 5.9 years for females, respectively. Based on the analyses of gonad development and the size distribution of oocytes, G. firmispinatus spawned from March to May with high degree of the spawning synchronicity. The opposite tendency between gonado-somatic index and hepato-somatic index from January to March in females indicated that the energy requirement for the oocytes growth may be derived from the liver. In addition, the estimated mean fecundity and mean relative fecundity were 1227 and 29.7 eggs per g total weight. The fecundity of G. firmispinatus increased linearly with increasing of total length, total weight and ovary weight. This study provides details about the reproduction suggesting that G. firmispinatus might be especially vulnerable to exploitation in the Anning River.


Reproduction maturity spawning period fecundity 



We gratefully acknowledge Meng Liang for help with the collection of the survey data. This study was funded by Central Public-interest Scientific Institution Basal Research Fund, CAFS (No. 2016JBF0303) and National Nonprofit Institute Research Grant of Freshwater Fisheries Research Center, CAFS (No. 2015JBFM38).


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  1. 1.Yangtze River Fisheries Research InstituteChinese Academy of Fishery SciencesWuhanChina
  2. 2.Development Center for Animal Husbandry in Mountain Area in Miao Autonomous County of SongtaoTongrenChina

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