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Congratulations to Dr. Fumio Arisaka on his 70th birthday

  • Peter Schuck
Letter to the Editor

I met Fumio first in 2001 at the Keihanna International Conference on Molecular Biophysics in Kyoto, a meeting which he had organized to facilitate international exchange in methodology and application of direct measurements of solution interactions of biological macromolecules. It was a memorable meeting not only scientifically but also for first meeting Fumio’s warm hospitality and friendship. Shortly afterwards, I had the opportunity to work with him scientifically (Ali et al. 2003; Zhao et al. 2015) and am thankful for being introduced on this occasion to the fascinating biophysics of bacteriophages. Our work on the self-association of gp57A was an early application of global direct boundary modeling of rapidly reacting interacting system, and due to the combined use of calorimetry, AUC, and CD, it was additionally important in providing stimulation for the later development global multi-method analysis (GMMA) (Zhao and Schuck 2012).

Fostering a community of experts in solution interaction methods has been a long-standing and important aspect of his work, and he has made a tremendous impact in this field. In particular, Fumio’s efforts have rekindled the Japanese tradition of analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC), which since his time in van Holde’s laboratory Fumio has been an expert in. After the worldwide decline in the last decades of the twentieth century, Fumio’s sustained leadership in disseminating knowledge about the power of AUC helped keep the field alive (Arisaka 1994, 1998a, b, 1999), and by mentoring young colleagues in its use, playing a key role in establishing a Japanese AUC user forum, and organizing topical conferences and workshops, he has ensured that AUC is now flourishing again in Japan.

Since we share a love for this technique, I was lucky to frequently meet Fumio in meetings and workshops in the USA and in Japan. In particular, we had a wonderful time in a SEDFIT/SEDPHAT workshop in Yokohama which he was instrumental organizing, together with Susumu Uchiyama and Satoru Unzai. The hospitality and generosity we experienced made this an unforgettable experience. Fumio has a unique gift for bringing people together from different cultural backgrounds—for example, bridging the clash between ostensible American informality and Japanese hierarchical customs—which makes these encounters a true pleasure. Fumio has keen interest also in the history of science and detailed knowledge in the history of analytical ultracentrifugation, including a repertoire of episodes worth many enjoyable hours.

On the occasion of his 70th birthday, I would like to congratulate Fumio on a wonderful and impactful career and thank him for many meaningful interactions and friendship, which I hope to continue through the years ahead.


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