Development of an Assembled Gripper for a Hydraulic Cutting Machine with a Novel Design for the Stable Holding of Various Shaped Objects


The world experiences disasters caused by natural and industrial accidents. Various products have been developed and applied for manpower rescue and risk removal at disaster sites. However, in order to move debris and other obstacles generated after cutting and destroying operations to remove hazards at a disaster site, a mechanical device that can safely grasp various target objects is required. In this study, we developed a gripper that can be attached to a cutting machine typically used at disaster sites. The gripper proposed in this study can be attached and detached to the hydraulic cutter, and can stably hold a 100 kg object using the force generated from the hydraulic motor. In addition, a mechanism that can safely grip target objects regardless of shape has been applied. The gripper proposed in this study was verified through mathematical analysis and MFBD simulation. Finally, the gripper was actually manufactured and grip tested successfully.

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\(F_{G}\) :

Minimum force to hold the target object

\(\vec{F}_{r6}\) :

Vertical force acting on the gripper

\(\vec{F}_{r5}\) :

Vertical force acting on the cutter

\(\vec{F}_{P1}\) :

Hydraulic piston force

\(\theta_{3}\) :

4-Bar linkage driving angle

\(F_{1}\) :

Vertical force of the rotational tooth generated by the hydraulic force.

\(F_{2}\) :

Reaction force against \(F_{1}\)

\(k_{i}\) :

Spring force pulling the rotational tooth.

\(k_{n}\) :

Additional spring force generated when the tooth rotates


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This paper was supported by Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) grant funded by the Korea Government (MOTIE) (P0012744, The Competency Development Program for Industry Specialist)

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  • Hydraulic
  • Hydraulic gripper
  • Grasp
  • 4-Bar mechanism
  • MFBD