Structure and Stoichiometry of MgxZny in Hot-Dipped Zn–Mg–Al Coating Layer on Interstitial-Free Steel



Correlations of stoichiometry and phase structure of MgxZny in hot-dipped Zn–Mg–Al coating layer which were modified by additive element have been established on the bases of diffraction and phase transformation principles. X-ray diffraction (XRD) results showed that MgxZny in the Zn–Mg–Al coating layers consist of Mg2Zn11 and MgZn2. The additive elements had a significant effect on the phase fraction of Mg2Zn11 while the Mg/Al ratio had a negligible effect. Transmission electron microscope (TEM) assisted selected area electron diffraction (SAED) results of small areas MgxZny were indexed dominantly as MgZn2 which have different Mg/Zn stoichiometry between 0.10 and 0.18. It is assumed that the MgxZny have deviated stoichiometry of the phase structure with additive element. The deviated Mg2Zn11 phase structure was interpreted as base-centered orthorhombic by applying two theoretical validity: a structure factor rule explained why the base-centered orthorhombic Mg2Zn11 has less reciprocal lattice reflections in the SAED compared to hexagonal MgZn2, and a phase transformation model elucidated its reasonable lattice point sharing of the corresponding unit cell during hexagonal MgZn2 (a, b = 0.5252 nm, c = 0.8577 nm) transform to intermediate tetragonal and final base-centered orthorhombic Mg2Zn11 (a = 0.8575 nm, b = 0.8874 nm, c = 0.8771 nm) in the equilibrium state.


Zn–Mg–Al coating Mg2Zn11 Base-centered orthorhombic TEM-SAED CALPHAD 



This work was supported by a Grant from POSCO Korea.


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