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Analysis of interface solid-state reaction on dissimilar ultrasonic spot welding of Al-Mg alloys



The solid-state joining nature of the ultrasonic spot welding (USW) process has been proven useful in the fields where joining applications involve dissimilar lightweight materials. This study focused on the USW of challenging dissimilar aluminum (Al)-magnesium (Mg) alloys to gain a better understanding of the dominant factors of joint performance with particular emphasis on proper lap-joint positioning. Weld qualities of dissimilar ultrasonic spot welds, classified through a series of experiments, were determined. Process parameters effects, such as failure load and fracture morphologies, showed distinctions between two dissimilar welds based on lap-joint position. Characteristic distinctions between welding process parameters and material combinations (lap-positioning) were found. Incomplete deformation zones were found during USW of Mg/Al combination, yet they were noticeable and almost the same size as the horn diameter. It can be found that proper lap-positioning of the top part of the specimen is important for efficient utilization of the USW process.


welding alloys dissimilar welds interface failure load 


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