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Reduction of electrical arc furnace oxidizing slag by coke under microwave irradiation


The reduction of iron from electrical arc furnace oxidizing slag by coke was investigated under microwave irradiation (1.7 kW, 2.45 GHz). The heating behavior of cokes of different sizes were examined and a maximum heating rate of 550 K/min and a maximum temperature of 1783 K were obtained with coke particles smaller than 75 m. In the reduction of the oxidizing slag (15 g) by coke (1.45∼1.65 g) under microwave irradiation for 25 min, the maximum recovery ratio of iron was 0.87, obtained when the amount of coke addition was 1.55 g. In addition, the reduced slag composition was modified by adding 5.9 g of CaO. With the addition of 1.55 g coke or more, free CaO in the slag was effectively reduced.

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