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Electromagnetic detection of HIV DNA in the blood of AIDS patients treated by antiretroviral therapy


Electromagnetic signals of low frequency have been shown to be durably produced in aqueous dilutions of the Human Imunodeficiency Virus DNA. In vivo, HIV DNA signals are detected only in patients previously treated by antiretroviral therapy and having no detectable viral RNA copies in their blood. We suggest that the treatment of AIDS patients pushes the virus towards a new mode of replication implying only DNA, thus forming a reservoir insensitive to retroviral inhibitors. Implications for new approaches aimed at eradicating HIV infection are discussed.

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Montagnier, L., Aïssa, J., Lavallée, C. et al. Electromagnetic detection of HIV DNA in the blood of AIDS patients treated by antiretroviral therapy. Interdiscip Sci Comput Life Sci 1, 245–253 (2009).

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  • antiretroviral therapy
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  • HIV DNA with erythrocyte fraction