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An interesting case of a single ocellus in a brown ray from the Adriatic Sea

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The authors would like to express special thanks to E. Karalić as research team member, as well as to K. Xhaho, E. Celohoxaj and S. Ribaj for providing the logistic support. We are also thankful to all the fishermen for their courtesy and hospitality. The authors are also grateful to the reviewers for their comments which improved the quality of this paper.


This study was funded by Rufford Foundation 2nd Booster (35037-D) and Completion grant (38232-C).

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Andrej A. Gajić - Principal Investigator, Writing - original draft, Interpretation of pathohistological slides. James A. Sulikowski - Conceptualization, Interpretations, Writing - review & editing. Hajrudin Beširović - Investigation, Methodology, Coordinating pathological examinations.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Andrej A. Gajić.

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The authors declare no competing interests.

Ethical approval

No animal testing was performed during this study.

Sampling and field studies

All necessary permits have been obtained from the competent authorities.

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Data supporting this record is available from the corresponding author upon the reasonable request.

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Communicated by M. Schratzberger

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Gajić, A.A., Sulikowski, J.A. & Beširović, H. An interesting case of a single ocellus in a brown ray from the Adriatic Sea. Mar. Biodivers. 53, 29 (2023).

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