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New species of Anarthruridae (Tanaidacea: Crustacea)of the western Australian slope

  • Marta Gellert
  • Magdalena BłażewiczEmail author
Original Paper


In the collection of Tanaidacea from the continental slope of Western Australia made during the two scientific cruises of the FRV Southern Surveyor (2005 and 2007) and organised under the aegis of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), five new species of the family Anarthruridae were identified. To accommodate the new species, three new genera Abrotanais n. gen., Macilenta n. gen. and Waki n. gen. are erected. The new species, in contrast to all the other members of the Anarthruridae, have an unusually elongated bodies that are 18 to 50 times longer than broad.


Peracarida Malactostraca Abrotanais Macilenta Waki Western Australia Continental slope Taxonomy Tanaidomorpha 



We are grateful to Gary Poore and the crews of the FRV Southern Surveyor in 2005 and 2007, for collecting, sorting and making available the tanaids collection for our studies. We also appreciate two wonderful collection managers – Jo Taylor and Mel Mackenzie for their great help in registration of the type materials. This study was funded by the National Science Centre of Poland (grant number 2014/13/B/MZ8/04702).


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