A blind spot for the dark side: the monopolies we didn’t see coming


Today’s Internet industry is largely dominated by a handful of huge technology, companies, all of which are based in either the United States or China. Considering the, idealistic values of the early Internet industry that revolved around decentralized, empowerment of users, this is an unexpected and sobering outcome. It is increasingly, clear that this quasi-oligopolistic market structure can be harmful to innovation and, user freedom. Corporations, entrepreneurs, regulators and academics all have a role, to play in dealing with the consequences and in hopefully reintroducing a more, decentralized Internet.

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Göldi, A. A blind spot for the dark side: the monopolies we didn’t see coming. Electron Markets 30, 55–56 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s12525-020-00402-x

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  • Internet
  • Industry dynamics
  • Oligopolies
  • Decentralization