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Table 5 Characteristics of Business Model Patterns

From: The impact of blockchain technology on business models – a taxonomy and archetypal patterns

Pattern Blockchain for Business Integration Blockchain as Multi-Sided Platform Blockchain for Security Blockchain Technology as Offering Blockchain for Monetary Value Transfer
Value Proposition Value Classification Service Provision Interoperability Marketplace Offering Authentication API – Blockchain Transfer of Value
Incentives Data Traceability and Verification Mediation Improvement Security Enhancement Blockchain Offering Cost Optimization
Customer Target Customer Legal Person Natural Person Legal Person Legal Person Both
User Legal Person Natural Person Natural Person Both Both
Intermediation Form Inter & Intra Inter & Intra Intergroup No Intermediation Intragroup
User Diversification No Diversification User positioning User positioning No Diversification No Diversification
Underlying Asset Physical Asset Virtual Asset User-specific Asset No Asset Specification Money
Value Creation and Delivery Key Partner Stand-Alone Industry Partner Technology Partner Stand-Alone Stand-Alone
Key Channel ERP Integration Website Technology Provision without Channel Technology Provision without Channel Mobile Application
Customizability Internal Developer Integration None None Both None
DAO Affiliation No DAO Alignment No DAO Alignment No DAO Alignment DAO Enabler No DAO Alignment
Blockchain Classification Value Chain Position Blockchain Mediator Blockchain User Blockchain Enabler Blockchain Enabler Blockchain User
Blockchain Sourcing Blockchain Combination External Blockchain Use Existing Blockchain modified Own Blockchain Own Blockchain
Blockchain Type Consortium Private Private Public Private
Underlying Blockchain Several Ethereum Bitcoin Others Others
Consensus Mechanism Modified Existing Self-Created Self-Created Self-Created
Additional Technology IoT None Cloud Dapps None
Value Capture Revenue Stream Customer Charge Regularly Fee Cost per Transaction Cost per Transaction Free Cost per Transaction
Currency Acceptance No Currency in BC Solely own Token Solely own Token Additional other Cryptocurrency Solely own Token
Token System No Token Dual Token System Own Token Listing No Token Own Token Listing
Cost Structure Provision Cost SDK Provision Platform Provision SDK Provision SDK Provision Platform Provision
Network Sourcing External Blockchain Use External Blockchain Use Own Mining Network Own Mining Network Own Mining Network