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Editorial 22/1

Dear Readers of Electronic Markets,

As you may be aware, Electronic Markets has now been with Springer for almost 4 years. During this period the landscape of academic publishing has become even more competitive. Although the number of refereed publications grows by 3 to 4% per year, authors and readers seem to focus even more on the top ranked journals. Meanwhile, not only authors from the traditional English-speaking countries are striving for publications with good rankings. Without these publications starting an academic career in Asia or Europe has also become difficult.

While the number of papers usually has a low correlation with their quality, academic journals are challenged in their review processes. However, good reviews require that reviewers dedicate a considerable amount of their sparse time to reviewing. At Electronic Markets we appreciate that many authors submit their work to our journal. In fact, the average number of submissions has doubled since 2007. Difficulties in meeting the required response and cycle times have led us to enhance the organizational capacities at Electronic Markets.

After discussions with members of the community a broader structure has been conceived which now includes two Editors-in-Chief (Rainer Alt and Hubert Österle), five Senior Editors (Stefan Klein, Nicholas C. Romano, Doug Vogel, Rolf T. Wigand, and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann) and eight Associate Editors (Ioanna Constantiou, Judith Gebauer, Denise Gengatharen, Jingzhi Guo, Stefan Nusser, Shintaro Okazaki, Andreja Pucihar, and Petra Schubert). Senior Editors will have responsibility for specific areas (e.g. journal quality, rankings) and for final decisions regarding publications. Associate Editors oversee the entire review process for dedicated submissions and are also responsible for specific duties (e.g. language quality, position papers). Finally, the Editorial Board has been enhanced with additional members. So, we do not only welcome the new Associate Editors, but also Cathrine A. Dwyer, Ulrike Lechner, Christine Legner, Martin Spann and Lina Zhou who joined the EM community as board members.

We are convinced that these modifications will further improve the quality of published papers and, ultimately, the journal’s impact factor. In any case, the time and effort of all members is highly appreciated! Of course, this also applies to all guest editors, reviewers and authors who made the four issues in 2011 possible. A list of all reviewers is enclosed in this issue which also includes four papers regarding the special theme on “Cross-organizational and Cross-border Information Systems/Information Technology”. Nicholas Romano and James B. Pick were successful in attracting more than 20 submissions and, finally, accepted four which they will introduce in their separate preface to the special section. The fifth article in this issue is a position paper in the general section. Nitin Aggarwal, Dai Qizhi and Eric A. Walden discuss the question “Are Open Standards Good Business?” and recognize that on the one hand firms reduce risk and increase market acceptance with open standards, while proprietary standards can enable a technological monopoly on the other. The authors compare reactions by investors concerning XML schema announcements with estimated returns for the same stock. The findings show that investors prefer proprietary standards more than open standards.

We hope you enjoy reading these articles. As usual, any feedback on the journal, its new organization, special themes or single contributions is greatly appreciated.

Best regards from St.Gallen and Leipzig,

Your Electronic Markets editorial team

Rainer Alt

Hubert Österle

Karen Heyden

Reviewers in 2011

Witold Abramowicz

Joong Ho Ahn

Rainer Alt

Volker Bach

Frank Bannister

Stuart J. Barnes

Ulrike Baumöl

Andrea Beccarini

Roman Beck

Jörg Becker

Steven Bellman

Irene Bertschek

Markus Bick

Flavio Bonfatti

Harry Bouwman

Hans Ulrich Buhl

Raluca Bunduchi

Peter Buxmann

Christer Carlsson

Peter Chamoni

Valérie Chanal

Brenda Chawner

Ioanna Constantiou

Mary J Cronin

Hua Dai

Robert M. Davison

Henk J. de Vries

Patrick Delfmann

Haluk Demirkan

Yi Ding

Verena Ebner

Alea Fairchild

Agata Filipowska

Jerry Fjermestad

Wing Fok

Samuel Fosso Wamba

Holtjona Galanxhi

Judith Gebauer

Denise Evangaline Gengatharen

Susanne Magdalene Glissmann

Janis Lee Gogan

Kim Huat Goh

Peter Gomber

Jaap Gordijn

Suparna Goswami

Gerald Grant

Dawn G. Gregg

Chengqi Guo

Sumeet Gupta

Sang Pil Han

Gordon Hao

Robert Harmon

Ling He

Jukka Heikkila

Thomas Hess

Oliver Hinz

Wout Hofman

Christopher Patrick Holland

Val Anne Hooper

Nan Hu

Wilfred Vincent Huang

Sid Huff

Reimer Ivang

Gregory E. Kersten

Stefan Klein

Hope Koch

Kai Koong

Andy Koronios

Ryszard Kowalczyk

Helmut Krcmar

Fujun Lai

Karl R. Lang

Ulrike E. Lechner

Vili Lehdonvirta

Jan Marco Leimeister

Uwe Leimstoll

Susanne J. Leist

Christine Leitner

Han Li

Qinyu Liao

Binshan Lin

De Liu

Eric Lu

Martina Luckanicova

André Ludwig

Wolfgang Maass

Maria Madlberger

Matti Mäntymäki

M. Lynne Markus

Shawn McKnight

Ulf Melin

Matthias Meyer

Ali Reza Montazemi

Joseph Mula

Rudolf Müller

Kyle B. Murray

Thomas Myrach

Dirk Georg Neumann

Jacob Nørbjerg

Alexander Norta

Shintaro Okazaki

Phillip Olla

Gary M Olson

Hubert Österle

Benoit Otjacques

Craig M. Parker

Mogens Kuehn Pedersen

Krassie D Petrova

Arnold O. Picot

Eva Podovšovnik Axelsson

Gouri Prakash

Bharat Rao

Olaf Reinhold

James E. Richard

Kai Riemer

Peter Rittgen

Peter Rohner

Glenda Rotvold

Terence Saldanha

Kostas Samiotis

Roberto Santana Tapia

Detlef Schoder

Michael Scholz

Ada Scupola

Jürgen Seitz

Hannes Selhofer

Namchul Shin

Boris Shishkov

Choon Ling Sia

Marianna Sigala

Alexander Simons

Florian Skopik

Martin Smits

Stefan Smolnik

Peijian Song

Thorsten Robert Staake

Katarina Stanoevska-Slobeva

Charles W. Steinfield

Martin Steininger

Rosemary Stockdale

Jens Strüker

Brian Subirana

Juliana Sutanto

Samar I. Swaid

Gerrit Tamm

Rana Tassabehji

Frédéric Georges Thiesse

Stella Tian

Luba Torlina

Virpi Kristiina Tuunainen

Aareni Uruthirapathy

Clemens van Dinther

Pavlos A. Vlachos

Ksenija Vodeb

Doug Vogel

Adam Panagiotis Vrechopoulos

Heinz-Theo Wagner

Yun Wan

Qiu-Hong Wang

Christof Weinhardt

Anette Weisbecker

Dirk Werth

Hannes Werthner

Richard Whiddett

Rolf T. Wigand

James Richard Wolf

Andy Wu

Mu Xia

Zhijun Yan

Jiaqin Yang

Adam Yao

Benjamin Yen

Cheng Zhang

Jing Zhao

Rong Zheng

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