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Table 14 Top retweeted tweets

From: Business engagement on Twitter: a path analysis

Rank n Sender Tweet Type
1 77 @WholeFoods #twitterforfood Skip a meal June 1st and donate the savings to world hunger. Philanthropic
2 77 @zappos Trying to reduce my email inbox is like trying to lose weight. The number always seems to creep back up to where it was before. Humorous
3 74 @zappos Anonymous donor giving @lancearmstrong foundation $25 k when @LIVESTRONGCEO “hits” 25 k followers. Hope he doesn’t actually hit me Humorous
4 55 @zappos Those who can laugh without cause have either found the true meaning of happiness or have gone stark raving mad. -N Papernick Philosophical
5 47 @zappos I’ve been wondering about this for awhile… Now I finally know who moved my cheese (thanks @missrogue): Humorous
6 36 @zappos Proper etiquette when you see clothes on a stranger w/tag hanging out? Somehow I don’t think “Tag! You’re it!” is appropriate. Humorous
7 34 @zappos Dropped my laptop on floor this morning. I usually drop my phone, so good to know I’m moving on to bigger and better things. Humorous
8 26 @Starbucks RT @RGreenberg:—Take a look at this @starbucks in Paris. Can you believe it?—>looks like a great store Anecdotal
9 25 @kogibbq oh, dear lord: Anecdotal
10 24 @Starbucks Here they are in action … I stayed out of the way. Anecdotal
11 22 @CoffeeGroundz If you are a local musician or in a band; let us know if you would like to be apart of a full day concert series. Pls RT Promotional
12 18 @zappos RT @ChrisKnight Strong company culture exists when your team responds favorably b/c of personal alignment to organization values Philosophical
13 16 @WholeFoods Our flagship store is pedaling the good stuff—just launched bicycle delivery for downtown Austin. More info: News
14 15 @zappos In between phone calls, Zappos employees are forced to eat marshmallows to keep speaking skills up— Humorous
15 15 @Starbucks RT @craftyasparagus: Reading: “12 Clever Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds—The Green Gathering” Anecdotal
16 13 @WholeFoods Have you entered for your chance to win 2 tickets to Bonnaroo 2009? We pick a winner tomorrow, so enter today! Philanthropic, promotional
17 13 @WholeFoods Learn about entrepreneurs who lift themselves & their communities out of poverty w/loans from Whole Planet Foundation. Philanthropic
18 13 @Starbucks We’re having listening parties all over the country for the new DMB album @davejmatthews @larasweetworld more here: News
19 13 @kogibbq Lakernation Kogi Bryant! Humorous
20 12 @zappos—My cousin’s invention: 2 waffles, maple syrup, 2 eggs, 2 slices Taylor Ham, string cheese, 2 sausages, 3 bacon … Humorous
21 12 @NAKEDpizza fyi: @nakedpizza sets record. 68% of sales May 29 from twitter. set store record for all sales. 41% all tickets twtr News
22 11 @zappos Obama landed in Las Vegas today. I wanted to board Air Force One, but apparently I didn’t have enough frequent flyer miles. Humorous
23 11 @Starbucks We taste 250,000 cups of coffee a year to ensure quality: @jphayw some of that is done in the ‘cupping room’. I’ll grab a photo next time. Anecdotal
24 10 @WholeFoods Empower 25,000 people to lift themselves out of poverty. Donate to the Whole Planet Foundation Prosperity Campaign. Philanthropic