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Study on Ecological Risk Assessment for Land-Use of Wetland Based on Different Scale


Landscape index had a relationship with the ecological risk of land-use, as one of the important indicators to measure the ecological risk of land-use. The traditional ecological risk assessment of land-use did not consider the influence of the particle scale on landscape indices of landscape. In order to improve the science of ecological risk assessment for land-use, and to provide a scientific basis for land-use management decisions, in this paper, the National Nature Reserve of Shengjin Lake in Anhui province was chosen, the remote sensing TM images from 1986, 2002, to 2011 were selected, and GIS technology and measures were used to analyze, besides, Fragstats software was selected to get a different scale of landscape indices. The assessment model for land-use ecological risk was established, and land-use ecological risk in 2015 and which was predicted through multiple linear regression and principal component analysis in 2020. The results showed that the evaluation for land-use ecological risk was influenced by landscape scale. The land-use ecological risk in the study area had increased-decreased-increased. It was predicted that the land-use ecological risk in the study area would reach 2.32 in 2015 and 2.72 in 2020. Ecological risk was gradually gathering at the National Nature Reserve of Shengjin Lake in Anhui province.

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This paper was funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (41571101), and the project of LUCC in Anhui Province (2011-k-23; 2012-k-24; 2013-k-09); and the fund project of Anhui Agricultural University (wd2011-07; yj2012-03), and the project of the forest and land resources research in Anhui Province (KJ2012Z108)

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