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Table 1 Parameters and decoration techniques of the analysed composite silver objects from the Seuso Treasure. *repoussé technique: method of decorating metals in which parts of the design are raised in relief from the back or the inside of the object by means of hammers and punches. The name derives from the French word re-+ pousser meaning to push back (Untracht 1968; Maryon 1971; McCreight 1991)

From: Non-destructive handheld XRF study of archaeological composite silver objects—the case study of the late Roman Seuso Treasure

Find name Height (cm) Weight (kg) Capacity (litre) Repoussé technique* Dot-punching Chasing Gilding Niello inlays
Ewers and amphora
Amphora 38.5 2.5 X X X X  
Animal Ewer 51.0 3.98 4   X X X X
Dionysiac Ewer 43.5 3.0 4 X X X X  
Geometric Ewer A 52.8 2.65 4   X X X  
Geometric Ewer B 55.0 2.8 4   X X X  
Hippolytus Ewer 57.3 4.05 X X X X  
Cylindrical objects
Hippolytus Situla A 22.7 4.44 X X X X  
Hippolytus Situla B 22.9 4.48 X X X X  
Toilet Casket 32.0 2.05 X X X