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Web 3D: a CityGML viewer for cross-domain problem resolution


3D urban models are a key component of diverse applications based on geospatial data, such as urban management and urban planning. CityGML models (OGC standards) are interoperable and allow the integration and dissemination of data within the spatial data infrastructures (SDI) objectives. 3D web viewers must allow model visualization and user interaction with geospatial data. This paper presents a system architecture for web visualization of a CityGML urban model. The system allows geospatial data structuring and storage as well as model visualization and access through a Web3D viewer. During the development of the system, the cross-domain problem was solved using GeoJSON. This change in format improved user access to the 3D urban model and its data. This standard also enabled the integrated storage of geospatial information and allows access to information from other geospatial data servers without cross-domain problems.

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The authors of this paper would like to thank the students from ETSI Informáticos (UPM) Kevin Cubero and David Flores for their collaboration.


This research did not receive any specific grant from funding agencies in the public, commercial or not-for-profit sectors.

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